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John spent his working life in the Motor Trade and only took up photography at retirement. He is self taught and has benefitted by being a member of his local Camera Clubs: Ross Photo Club and Monmouth Photographic Club.

Presentations at the club and discussions with club members have proved very beneficial in helping him develop techniques and style.

The competitive elements has also focused him on the need to improve standards and to this end John attended two courses, Photoshop, and Photography and Composition.


John undertook four Photography Distinctions and achieved them all:

A.W.P.F. (Associate of The Welsh Photographic Federation)

A.F.I.A.P. (Artist FIAP)

C.P.A.G.B. (Credit award Photographic Alliance of Great Britain)

E.F.I.A.P. (Excellence FIAP)


This Website has been developed to show case John’s Photography.

JC Passport.jpg
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